Includes: Pick up & Drop off, Shower & Locker, All equipment, Insurance, Tax &  Service Fee. A minimum of 2 people per booking is required. Recommend to bring: towel, sunscreen & swimsuit. 

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​​​​​​​​​ Aqua Star​ Water Sports Bali

Looking for some water sports activities in Bali? If you are looking :  flying fish, ski tube, banana boat, underwater scooter ride, fly board, sea walker, parasailing adventure, jet ski you have come to the right place...  We have a wonderful selection of different water activities & water sports packages from the adrenaline charged to the slow snorkeling around the coral reefs. If you can't decide what to book, contact us for advice. We know the answer.

Aqua Star. Underwater Scooter Bali     Price - 60 USD / person  Duration 25 min

Bali Water sports best deals
 Bali romantic water sports

         Bali Sea Walker                                 Price - 65 USD / person  Duration 20 min

Bali Sea Walker Water Sports
Bali Water Sports package

Parasailing Adventure Bali                 Price - 55 USD / person  Duration One round

Parasailing adventure in Bali
 Bali water sports in kuta

Bali Fly Board                                        Price - 70 USD / person      Duration 20 min

Bali Fly Board Water Sports
bali water sports package

 Flying  Fish                                             Price - 35 USD / person      Duration One round

Flying Fish Bali Water Sports
Flying Fish Bal Water Sports package

     Jet Ski                                                  Price - 35 USD / person      Duration 15 min

Jet Ski Water Sports bali
Jet Ski Bali water sports

         Ski Tube or  rolling donut ride             Price - 30 USD / person        Duration 15 min

Bali Ski Tube water sports
Bali water sports activities

Banana Boat                                       Price - 30 USD / 1 person   Duration 15 min

Banana Boat in Aqua Star Water Sports Bali
Banana Boat in Aqua Star Water Sports Bali

  Turtles Island                                        Price - 35 USD / person     Duration 1,5 h

Bali Turtle Island.
Turtle Island Bali water sports deal

       Scuba Diving for beginners              Price - 65 USD / person         Duration 30 min

Diving Water Sports Bali
Diving for beginners in Bali

          Snorkeling                                         Price - 35 USD / person    Duration 30 min

Bali Snorkeling  Water Sports
Bali Snorkeling  Water Sports activity