How Does It Work?!
Bali Underwater scooter

Don’t miss opportunity to explore the undersea world with scooter. Grandparents, children, and those who never tried scuba diving are able to enjoy this truly unique experience. Underwater scooters riding - great choice for those who can’t swim. On a comfortable and easy-to-use scooter, see the wonderful world below the ocean's surface through a viewing window. Explore the ocean on a depth of 6.5–13 feet (2–4 m). After a short briefing from our experienced instructor and a 15-minute boat ride, you are ready to take a dip.

Oxygen flows into the helmet, allowing you to breathe just like on the surface, and you can keep your glasses and makeup on because the water level doesn't go above your shoulders.​With no experience required, this activity offers a unique view of the ocean without snorkeling or scuba diving. 

Underwater scooters ride a memorable vacation experience for you and your family.

 Dive point located in the area of coral reef - quiet area with a good point of immersion and without traffic on water. Pontoon is a special water platform with sunroof cover, relax zone with table, seat places and toilet and with special lift for immersion bikes in to the water. 

 On the pontoon you will get final and short briefing from our divers and  you will go on an unforgettable trip under the water of Indian Ocean and will make a fascinating  25 minutes  underwater traveling.  You will be able to enjoy the beauty of underwater views. Underwater tandem scooter for two persons. You can share your adventure with your friends or with your family members.

 Underwater scooters riding Bali
 Underwater scooters water sports Bali

   Know before you go: 

  Children 8 yo and  younger are not allowed

  Adult 65 yo and older are not allowed

  Aqua Star activities maximum weight for adult 120 kg and height 190 cm.

  For child minimum height 120 cm. Children must be accompanied by an adult. 

  All water sport activities not recommended for participants with heart complaints or other serious medical conditions.

  Not suitable for pregnant women, people with heart problem, with asthma, with claustrophobia,  currently has a sinus problem and ear     infection. 

  Before activities all participants fill  out health / waiver liability. Customers should folow instruction  and understand - all water  sports entertainment  associated with a risk.  

  We reserve the right to change the day / pick up time / activities  if the weather conditions will be unsafe without any extra  charges.